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Name's Len. I'm 25 and I've gotten overweight within the last 7 years. So now I'm working on my fitness so become healthy again
SW:170 CW:165.8 UWG: 110-115
I’m super excited to start this.

I’m super excited to start this.

Alright. Going to do this work out stuff again but I’m going to try and keep going with it. Bf is supportive and wanna see me happy. And if losing weight makes me happy then dammit I’ll do it!!

Weigh in: 167
Going to try to jog my way back home tonight from work. I need to figure out a time for gym and work out stuff.


Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Bread

• 2 cups whole wheat flour
• ⅓ cups granulated stevia
• 4 teaspoons baking powder
• ¾ teaspoons salt
• ⅔ to 1 cups peanut butter
• 1-½ cup skim milk or almond milk
• 1/4 cup cocoa powder (optional)
• If you add cocoa, add 1 small egg

—> preheat oven to 350

—> Whisk together the powders in a bowl

—> Add the peanut butter and milk and stir

—> place in prepared loaf run

—> ENJOY! x

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